Vihtori Luhtanen decided to start his own company in 1907. By the 1950's he put an emphasis on leisure wear and by the 1960's Luhta became a huge success as a brand name in Finland. Luhta's unique design was just right for the fashion trends of the day. In the 1990's Luhta had became a group of companies and it's name was changed to L-Fashion Group. They have become one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Europe, with export activities covering, now over 50 countries.



Established in 1996 and originally developed for the Finnish National Olympic team, Icepeak has quickly become one of the biggest sports clothing brands in Europe. A branch of the L-Fashion Group, Icepeak provides active clothing for the casual and not so casual customer. Functional, bold colors and unique designs, makes Icepeak perfect for the young-minded and young-hearted lifestyles.

About The Peak

Welcome to The Peak from Tom, Jake and Catie

Started in November of 2015, after learning that one of Europe's most popular outerwear and sportswear collections was interested in an expansion into the US market, it didn't take much discussion for us to decide on opening a Luhta/Icepeak collection clothing store. The unique style, quality and exceptional fits were quickly recognized by us and then our first customers. Because we are the only store still to date that has the ability to order from the international catalog, our customers can feel assured they have a one of a kind piece and  won't see too many others with the same garments. (And if they do, they know where they got it!) 

While Luhta & Icepeak continue to be a cornerstone of The Peak, additional small individual and unique lines of clothing, gifts, jewelry, accessories and more, are constantly evolving and revolving to round out a complete, quality and novel shopping experience. Since those opening months, The Peak has evolved into a unique specialty retail store, the like of which has not been seen in quite some time.

 Welcome back to FUN shopping!

Our Commitment

The Peak is a specialty retail store. Our goal is to provide a fun, comfortable and unique shopping experience for everyone, no matter their style. Whether you want to stay in your comfort zone or are ready to jump outside the box, we want to be here to help. Providing a quality product, that is affordable and makes you look amazing and feel good about yourself is what it's all about.

So when you have an opportunity, come in to The Peak and rekindle the spark of "fun shopping" again!

Thank you-The Peak

The Peak

6500 Labeaux Ave NE Ste. G070, Albertville, Minnesota 55301, United States

(763) 497-3300


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